the holiday

i'm watching this movie
for the second time today.
and by that, i don't mean
i'm watching this movie today
for the second time ever,
i mean i've already watched it twice today.
it's my favorite.
a) i love the old man in it
b) the little british girls are darling
c) it's a cute love story
d) cameron diaz's bod is motivation to eat healthy


  1. the holiday! my favorite too <3 <3

  2. how am i just finding your new blog now? soo cute! i love the holiday, and LOVE white christmas too! have you seen holiday inn? another gem. okay love your blog. the end.

  3. ok i loooove your blog. and "The Holiday" is my FAVORITE christmas movie ever.. besides white christmas of course.. but still. love that movie every time Jude Law cries.. i cry. yep totally. LOVE love love :)

  4. watched it 10 times in 10 days over christmas, not a lie. THE BEST!