i live for saturdays -
early morning gym
(and by early, i mean 9am),
and diet cokes
with my best friend,
running errands
that i don't really need to run,
and date nights with richie?
yes, please.
when i'm in the middle
of a crazy work week
(don't get me wrong,
i love my job)
i can't help but pine 
for the weekend. 


  1. glad to see that we have the same definition of "early morning gym" haha! and running errands that you don't really need to run are the best kind of errands! at least in my book. saturdays really are the absolute best!

  2. yay i love saturday errands with you and i love the pic with the flowers. you are so fun and cute. love you

  3. you two are the cutest. sounds like the perfect saturdays. xo