business trip

it's no secret that i was less than thrilled
to spend the past week in wenatchee, washington.
5 days working in a small town far away from home
sounded anything but ideal.
one evening after work i decided to explore.
i hopped on the highway and headed north (i think?)
and the view was breathtaking -
fields upon fields of blossoming apple and cherry trees
spread up and down the rolling hills at sunset,
beautiful homes in the middle of the orchards,
and mellow rivers with inns on the banks.
i stopped in the cutest town called leavenworth
(it really is so darling - google it)
and it made me realize just how much of the world i haven't seen
and how many cool places are out there!
here's to exploring new places.


  1. love this place. i havent been there in years but so hope to visit soon.