ta ta for now

is it just me,
or are everyone else's
recent jcrew purchases ripping?
c'mon jcrew - i love you (so much)
but this has got to stop.
i am hereby on strike
until further notice.
(i wore this red dress for the first time
to a wedding reception, and the zipper split
right down the back...from my neck to my butt.
luckily i have the greatest best friend
who stole someone's suit coat for me).


  1. are you serious?! what rips like that? j crew - what's going on? i swear a $100 shirt shouldn't rip on its first wear. i agree, i'm out until further notice!

  2. jcrew clothes are the worst quality i swear, i dont know why i keep buying them!! i have even emailed them to complain! :) ps where are your shoes from?? need them NOW!

  3. still the cutest dress ever!! even with the suit coat :)

  4. Super darling dress, but not cool, J.Crew! A few of my knits from them have small holes I've needed to fix, but I'm not too worried because I got them on sale for considerably cheap. However, if my skirts start to unravel or something, I may have to send a complaint!

  5. Beautiful look, beautiful photo!

  6. I have been frustrated with j crew also!! Usually its just small things though. That dress IS gorgeous on you. :)