i've always had a love/hate relationship with lifestyle blogs.
reading them is almost like flipping through People Magazine, or US Weekly
(which i love...so sue me).
although you don't always know the girls behind the blogs,
it's fun to see what they're wearing and where they're eating & vacationing.
 i think it's easier to look at celebrities and rationalize, 
"they look that good because they can afford a personal stylist, trainer, chef, etc."
celebs are on a different playing field. 
but when you see girls who are your same age and live in your same city 
posting about these glamourous lifestyles; it's confusing.

it's like, what?? i work full time at an awesome job, 
and i think we're spending big when we order an appetizer and a dessert at dinner.
when i buy some new lulu pants or a dress from anthro, it's an event.
where are these people getting their money?!?
i'm not going to lie and say that if i could afford a chloe bag and a burberry trench
i wouldn't buy them, because i probably would.
i think it's important to remember that everyone is different.

they might be spending while i'm saving.
they might have loads of credit card debt.
they might be making way more money than i am.
they might even have a money tree in their backyard.
the point is, i don't know because i'm not them.

what i do know is that i am very blessed. 
sometimes i just need to slap myself and remember that blogs aren't real life. 


  1. Love love love this!! Seriously I couldn't agree more. I am as much of a blog/insta stalker as the next girl, if not more. But it seriously frustrates me SO much!! I really am baffled by a lot of people's so-called "lives" that they post. Total love/hate relationship, for reals.

  2. I love this post ... It's so honest and exactly how I feel! It's so hard not to get caught up in what appears to be "the perfect life" vibe that you can get from lots of blogs!! Next up... Lets hear why concerts are awkward.

  3. yes, just yes. don't judge. period. don't judge them, and especially don't make judgments about yourself based on what you see on others blogs. it's one of the hardest parts of blogging, but one of the most important parts.

  4. love this so much, because it's ridiculously true. the love/hate relationship you have with blogs is so real!

  5. Love this, it is too true! Definitely a love/hate relationship, but we never know what battles other bloggers may be facing or what is going on in real life. We're all blessed in our own way. I had the opportunity to meet a big blogger back in October and it was so fascinating to see how she kept up her blog image in real life, too. To me, it would be exhausting in every way (financially, physically, emotionally, etc.), but we can't make comparisons between ourselves and others...because that's exhausting too!
    You are awesome, Jane.
    Btw, I think I saw you at Cafe Rio on 33rd one night about a month ago. Your comment on my blog reminded me of it. I wasn't sure though, so I didn't want to creepily walk over and say hi to someone that could've potentially not been you. Anyway, if I do see you in real life, just don't think I'm too weird if I come over and say hi to you haha. :) Novel of a comment ending now...sorry!

  6. Very well said! I couldn't agree more!

  7. Yes!! Sooo true! I love this post! I think it's in part why I try and spend less time on social media altogether, because I would catch myself wasting so much time and comparing my life/wardrobe/traveling experience/whatever with others. Which is obviously ridiculous. I remember hearing something along the lines of, if we spent as much time online as we do counting our own blessings, how different life would be? something like that, but way more clever. Anyway, love this post. so much.

  8. i love this post. i think its part of the reason that i dont really look at a ton of blogs anymore. i have my few favorites that i really nejoy and feel like the girls are real and their lives are real and they aren't trying to impress, but are just being real.. for lack of a better word haha. but seriously, i used to compare myself and my blog and my life and my clothes to others on blogs and it is rough so i reallllly have to cut back on blog stalking haha. thanks for writing this post! its perfect.

  9. you are darling, and you are spot on right!

  10. Amen Sista! Very Very true! Totally feel the same way.

  11. Hmm I think blogs show their real lives, but they're just living it differently than you. Just like you said, you're saving and their probably spending. One of my girlfriends always says when we go shopping "you have your whole life to pay off your credit card, just get the dress" haha, but i'm always putting away my pennies because i like spending it on other things! we're all different, and it's great you realize that (and i think everyone gets jealous from time to time ;))

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. I 100% feel the same way. Blog stalking is fun but can be so depressing! I want a money tree in my backyard :( However when I stalk YOU I am jealous of how cute you are and think I need your wardrobe so consider yourself one of the ones that people envy!

  13. I love this! Definitely a post everyone needs to read!

  14. nice post http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/diy-flower-vases.html

  15. i couldn't have said this better myself. social media can be so discouraging... and it really does make you feel awful! at least it does to me. we really are so blessed. i like you.

  16. Love this - so well put! I had a fashion blog for a while and I swear you feel like you have to post a different outfit every day. I totally got caught up in that and was spending way too much money on clothes. Now granted it was H&M and not Burberry but still...

  17. Hahaha!! Love the money tree comment. It's good to stop reading such "perfect" articles once in a while, and to step back and fully enjoy what we have. :))

  18. This is so true! It's so easy to compare and wonder "what am I doing wrong"?! My problem is "why can't I be that pretty?" so embarrassing!
    What helps me is realizing that I don't post the bad stuff, the nitty gritty details, etc. If I don't, why would everyone else?