we scored some awesome tickets 
to yesterday's football game. 
i'm not the biggest football fan
(and by that, i don't mean i'm not a fan of football,
because i am. i'm just not the biggest fan).
i enjoy going to a good game every now and again.
in fact, i'll go to just about any sporting event based on
the sole fact that there will be big pretzels there.
now that i'm no longer a student and get muss tickets,
i haven't bothered to go to a utah game..
but yesterday's game was a-w-e-s-o-m-e,
and now i want to go again asap. :)


  1. i spent my weekend with some utah fans, so needless to say, i watched the game/heard about for quite a while afterward. haha i bet it was so fun to be there!

  2. A good game day always includes habit. And you two are my favorite and you look so good!

  3. you're beautiful!
    and your blog is adorable!