nothing drives me more crazy 
than a closet full of clothes i don't wear anymore.
i clean it out once or twice (or thrice) a year.
i used to drop everything off at the DI,
but then my sister in law told me about plato's closet.
not the classiest place on earth, but they buy your old clothes!
so maybe i only get $0.01 on the dollar for everything i sell,
but a bag full of clothes usually equates to a new shirt or two
(and it only takes 10 minutes)!


  1. i once took the biggest load of clothes to pibs and got like $10.00, and then i ended up buying a skirt and paying an extra $5.00 for it. haha so i came out in the negative. good job for you coming out on top!

  2. Better than nothing! I consign my clothes, and I usually have a few dollars there now and then. Makes for a nice surprise when I'm shopping anyway!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  3. haha YES. platos closet - not the greatest place ever, but its better than nothin.

  4. confession: platos closet is like my second home.