i never thought it would be
this hard to say goodbye.
i already miss his sweet spirit so much.
even as he turned into an old man 
and developed bad arthritis in his hips,
he'd always get up to greet me at the door.
i'm so blessed to have such an amazing family
and the best of friends
to cheer me up when my heart hurts.

oh, and a sleeve of oreos doesn't hurt either.


  1. Beautiful photo. Losing pets is the worst. Hope you feel cheerier soon.

  2. It's so sad saying goodbye to someone who's been part of your family for so long :( that's a beautiful picture of him. He

  3. Cutest pup ever!! You can tell what a sweetheart he is just by looking at him! Losing pets can feel like losing a BFF. I love this picture of him.

    Remember Crew is just a few houses away ;)