i. love. old people.
i love them so much,
i usually cry when i see one
(especially if they are alone, or smiling,
or struggling to do something)!
i always try to sneak a picture
on my phone.
richie thinks it's creepy and weird
but i can't help myself.

p.s. i really hope this isn't
a picture of somebody's grandpa haha...
but look how cute he is!


  1. hahaha this made me laugh (giggle) out loud! you are the cutest! all grandpa and grandmas should feel the love that you have for them! awwwww! xo

  2. Old people are the best! PS I'm lovin your new blog.

  3. hahaha this is so hilarious. I love that you love old people. so do i. they are so cute.

  4. I love this, old people also melt my heart. I always wonder where their family members are when they are alone. Old people are too cute, I sometimes even pay for their meals. Haha