we work out

this morning
we went to zumba.
i'm not the greatest dancer,
but you'd better bet we stood
right at the front of the class.
and yes,
we usually take a picture (or two)
at the end of the class.
why not.


  1. zumba is the best type of exercise out there. but really though, any physical exercise disguised as fun dancing wins in my book.

  2. ok i seriously need to get on this zumba thing! it looks like so much fun, but i have no coordination whatsoever. i need to find a friend that is equally uncoordinated so we can be fools together! haha

  3. Haha this is great. I need to find a partner to go with so we can look like fools together! Love your blog!

  4. You rock Zumba!! Can't wait to come w you and show you my "moves".