happy birthday ruth

i want to wish
my very best friend
a very happy birthday.
she is the greatest person you'll ever meet.
she's the sweetest, FUNNIEST, best dressed, 
prettiest and smartest girl in the world.
she's my other half.
we've been sharing our birthdays 
for the past five years,
and will keep celebrating them
for the rest of our lives!!!
thanks for always being there for me,
i don't know what i'd do
without our nightly texting,
our saturday outings,
our driving sing-a-longs,
and our healthy endeavors! 
i love you (and so does richie)!

p.s. chloee's blog is awesome.


  1. Happy birthday to both of you!!! And also - I thought I was your best dressed funniest friend. Jk Jk Jk hope your day was awesome!!!

  2. i am sorry that im super emotional and am teary eyed sitting in class reading this. what the hell is wrong with me. i love you too much