jackson hole

last week i played hookie
(aka asked my boss for a day off)
to take a much needed road trip to jackson
with our cousins megan and thayne
(confession: technically only thayne and richie
are cousins, and i think they're actually half cousins,
 but i still consider them my family. oh and megan has a blog).
it's the off-season there, so there wasn't much to do
but shop and eat and explore... and eat... basically the ideal vacation.


  1. a few of my friends just went skiing there a few weeks back! looks like a fun vacation :) i just love your little videos


  2. Oh. My. Gosh. You're a professional - this sums up the trip perfectly!! Thanks again you two!! I am obsessed. Lets sing songs in the car again.

  3. this is realy amazing. i am jealous. i got chills. it made me miss richie.....and you.

  4. Jane, I love your little video. i love Jackson hole too.

  5. i have never been to jackson hole (have never really wanted to!) but now i watched your video and it looks like a lot of fun, and max will be happy when i tell him i think we should go sometime :) hope life is well!!! i heard about the apartment opening up (too bad we're signed in for six months!) but maybe when our contract is up we'll be lucky again??