girls night in

the great thing about hanging out with my friends,
is that we don't have to do anything fun in order to have fun.
tonight while the boys were at the priesthood session of conference
we ate dinner at the dodo before heading to abby's cabin,
where, naturally, we ate lots of treats and danced and chatted.
most of the girls aren't pictured because they didn't want their photos taken.
i know i look homeless, but that didn't stop me.

on a side note, if you've never been the the dodo - go.
and order the turkey sandwich.
and once you've tried the turkey sandwich,
order the turkey salad.
and then try the steak salad...
and every dessert on the menu
(i never order dessert unless i'm at the dodo).


  1. uh... you do not look homeless AT ALL! hahaha and the dodo's turkey sandwiches.. ABSOLUTE BEST! i am so with you on the "i never order dessert unless i'm at the dodo" thing. their tollhouse pie is basically the best thing i have ever had.

  2. Even if you think you look like a hobo, you still look fab!


  3. you guys are all adorable. and that cabin is unreal. and the dodo is on. my. mind.