i hate running so much.
i'd rather pour hot liquid metal in my eyes.
why do i run ragnar?
it's because my van is awesome.
even though they all run sub 8 minute miles
and pressure me to run fast,
they are so funny and fun.
when you look past the miserable 198 miles of running
you get to see some breathtaking sites
and it feels really great when you're done
(let me clarify - you feel like you accomplished something,
your body wants to die it hurts so much).


  1. seriously proud! and you look so good!!! wish i was daring enough to run ragnar.

  2. proud of my girlfriend. you are so cute. im so lucky to have you. xo

  3. this is honestly amazing! i would quite literally die if i ever tried, but i think you're amazing! such a huge accomplishment! just lay in bed for a week :)

  4. congrats on doing it! i hope to do one one day!