4th of july

we spent the fourth of july
the only logical way one can..
swimming and barbecuing.
by the time it was getting dark for fireworks
i was too tired to stay awake
(we were in park city, and at that point i would've 
rather poured hot liquid metal in my eyes than
be stuck in traffic for an hour and a half).
we drove home, and by the time
i was all ready for bed, the holladay firework show
was starting - just 3 blocks from our apartment.
so we laid in bed and watched the entire show
before falling asleep.
the perfect end to a perfect all-american day.


  1. cuties. thee perfect day, indeed!

  2. laying in bed watching fireworks sounds like the absolute best way to watch fireworks.

  3. you guys are so festive. you need red sox gear.

  4. you and your peeps are the cutest