ikea can be the best place in the world, or the worst place in the world.
the up-side? 
you can buy an entire roll of wrapping paper for $1.49.
the down-side?
you can by an entire roll of wrapping paper for $1.49.
i usually end up leaving with a crap load of stuff i don't need,
but feel obligated to buy because it's so inexpensive.
luckily, i made it out for under $5 last night -
mostly because we were shopping for this babe
and her darling new house.


  1. now all i want to do is go to ikea... at least for the wrapping paper.

  2. i feel ya girl! i can't go into ikea. i just can't.... but i can, because it is so wonderful!! i applaud you for getting out of there with spending under $5!

  3. oh, I so wish we had one closer! Every time my hubby goes down for work, I usually have an IKEA request. haha

  4. haha i feel the same way about ikea!!! i usually forget how much i hate it about every 3 months and then drag my husband there because i think i might love it again... $100 and 4 hrs later i remember it's a always bad idea.

  5. ikea is the best. besides the fact you can get dinner there for a total of 3 bucks!
    ps. love your blog!