lately i've been thinking a lot about self discipline.
every successful person i admire has loads of it,
anytime i've done something i'm proud of it's because of it.
the good news is, i can be just as self disciplined as i want to be.
the bad news is, it's really hard. 
when it comes to meeting my goals at work
or going the speed limit when i'm running late -
it's no big deal. i'm as disciplined as disciplined can be. 
but when it comes to going to the gym more than once a week,
choosing a salad over an order of large fries,
cutting down on my diet coke intake,
or cleaning the blinds instead of watching yet another episode
of how i met your mother,
i'm not so great.
why are some things so much harder?


  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately too. Mainly about waking up earlier hah!

  2. i am the WORST at self discipline, so i feel ya

  3. amen, sista! I'm struggling in the exercise department right now.