growing up

i turn 25 in march
and i'm about one donut away 
from a quarter life crisis.
i don't know when this happened
but i found my first sun spot, 
i swear my hair is getting thinner
and i gain weight when i even look at food.
what. the. crap. this sucks.
anyway, i don't know if there's an appropriate age
to start wearing an anti-aging cream
but i'm in the market. any suggestions?


  1. Hey I'm right there with ya. 25 in March. woof!

  2. Haha I started getting wrinkles two years ago, so I feel your pain!! I will have to check the eye cream I use because I love it. Well, love/hate it. Growing up is a trap, like they say.

  3. haha you kill me! you're a BABE at almost- 25! xo

  4. haha i love you!
    & you still look super hot!
    dont worry, i'll let you know when you are truly falling apart! ;)
    p.s. come visit so we can soak up some sun and get some more sun spots & wrinkles!!!

  5. STOP! you're a baby! I'm already 25 and I pulled out a gray hair the other day!!!

  6. You are hilarious. One donut away from being super hotter than you already are!

  7. I love this post! You will LOVE 25!! And it is NEVER too young to wear anti-aging cream. I started at 23... I was paranoid! But it is definitely paying off.

  8. Um wait until you are almost 29 like me - I literally cry about it. Wrinkles all over my face, and neck, and chest. Age spot. Cottage cheese. I literally cant even think about food without gaining 10 lbs. If you find a good cream LET ME KNOW!! But you are hot and tiny so you don't even need to worry!

  9. i'm telling people i'm turning 23 in march and not 25...i think it may work!!