because i do dozens of interviews each week...

1. do your research on the company
i'm not talking about reading up on what year the company started or who the CEO is (don't get me wrong, you should know all of that). i'm talking about what the company does that impresses you - how does it relate to you and why are you dying to work there? it's completely okay (and encouraged) to show the interviewer how excited you are about the prospect of working for that company - just be prepared to tell them why.

2. come prepared with questions
don't ask about salary, work hours or benefits - that stuff comes later. rather, ask questions that show you've actually done your research and are interested in the role. if something about the position wasn't clear in the job description, ask about it! if you want to know what it takes to make someone successful in this role, ask it!

3. be yourself
this is arguably the most important thing. you won't be doing yourself or the company any favors if you pretend to be someone you're not. of course you want to put your best foot forward and be aggressive about what tasks you can handle, but if you don't fit into the company's culture you won't be happy in the long-run. plus, showing a little personality will make you relatable to the interviewer and easier to connect with.                                          

4. don't talk too much
it's good to be thorough, but when you spend too long answering one question you're shooting yourself in the foot. chances are, the interviewer has appointments after you, and when you spend too much time on one question you don't get the time you need to dive into other topics and show your true colors. 

5. pause to collect your thoughts
don't feel like you have to answer the question directly after the interviewer asks is. it is fine to pause for a moment and think of what you are going to say next. it's better to do that, than to later wish you had answered differently. 

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