stay sweet, never change

when i was little, my mom gave me a ring 
that was engraved with the phrase,
"stay sweet, never change". 
i don't know what happened to the ring
(i'm sure i lost it somewhere)
but that saying has always stuck with me.
i think now that i'm married,
being sweet is more important than it's ever been.
if there's one thing i've learned 
in my two and a half years of marriage,
it's that the most important thing is to be kind to each other.
i know it's not rocket science,
but when i make an effort to be sweeter
and ignore stupid things that bother me but shouldn't,
our marriage is so much happier
(luckily for me, richie's one of the sweetest guys
in the world, so he makes it easy). 


  1. I absolutely love this!!! And I don't know if you could be sweeter.

  2. i love that picture and i love this post and this is definitely one of the most important parts of marriage! my mom always says bee's like honey not vinegar and i always try to remember that if i feel snappy :) haha

  3. that picture is absolutely adorable. i think that is such a good reminder and something important to remember because it is so easy to do and helps so much. i've definitely seen that in our marriage too!

  4. this is darling. very wise words. xo

  5. Love this! You are BOTH sooo SWEET! We are soo lucky to have you as friends!

  6. I love this!! I think this is a good reminder to everyone, thanks for that!

  7. This is wonderful advice to share and such a good reminder. I also love the picture!